Transitional Justice: PeaceLab blog a huge enrichment for the German government’s strategy

20 December 2018   ·   Stefan Oswald

In this PeaceLab blog we had asked you to share with us your ideas, suggestions and key questions with regard to a joint ministerial strategy on dealing with the past and reconciliation. We received more than 30 contributions. We now intend to review your proposals in preparation for formulating the strategy.

Three months ago we invited you to join, support and challenge us in our efforts to elaborate an inter-ministerial strategy on dealing with the past and reconciliation (transitional justice). Via the PeaceLab blog on transitional justice we have received more than 30 contributions, for which we would like to thank the authors.

The high number of responses shows us that processes for dealing with the past and reconciliation processes are of key importance for sustainable peace. The contributions made by academics and practitioners, by renowned authors from civil society organisations, governmental bodies, foundations and academic institutions are a huge enrichment for the joint ministerial strategy. They reflect a broad range of the available expertise in the field of dealing with the past and reconciliation. The significance, for example, of economic and social human rights is debated, the role of civil society is addressed, the relationship to preventing violence is discussed, and concrete ideas and approaches are developed for investigating, prosecuting and recognising past injustices. Country-specific observations refer, for example, to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, Mali, Cambodia, Colombia and Peru.

We will now review your proposals and recommendations as part of the process for formulating the inter-ministerial strategy.

On behalf of all the ministries involved, I thank you very much for your suggestions, your constructive criticism and ideas, and for your recommendations for the joint ministerial strategy on dealing with the past and reconciliation (transitional justice). Although this PeaceLab blog is now closed, we of course count on continued exchange with you on thoughts and ideas regarding this important topic.

Transitional Justice

Stefan Oswald

Dr Stefan Oswald is the Director-General for the Marshall Plan with Africa; displacement and migration at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.